March 22, 2022 State Team Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Goal 5 focus - statewide coordination

Meeting Objectives:

  • Highlight recent Act Early State Team member activities related to statewide coordination (Goal 5 of the State Plan).
  • Identify ways we can align our work to advance the goals of the Act Early State Plan

Session Recordings:

Welcome & Introductions

  • Gail Chodron

Lightning Round Update

  • Lynn Hrabik – Act Early Data & Measurement Workgroup Updates

Breakout #1 Introduction & Debrief

Discussion questions:

  • In what ways can we coordinate or align the activities we each plan to do over the next year?
  • What useful resources, information, or tools are available to support these activities & overcome barriers?

Breakout #2 Introduction & Debrief

Discussion questions:

  • Thinking about your group’s assigned goal:
    • What are bright spots going on?
    • What are promising opportunities for progress in the next year?

Meeting Wrap-up